Straight college guys going through hazing

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They may look like your ordinary straight college guys, but they have their gay moments, especially when they lock themselves in the gym and make sure they are the only ones in, then they do all of their training butt naked, that’s part of the hazing for the big times sports teams, if they can’t get naked and get on with the guys then they are not deemed dedicated enough to become sport stars.

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Naked straight college guys passing the hazing

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There’s nothing like some humiliation to prove your worth to the club, and these straight college guys had to go through a really ridiculous set of assignments to be allowed to become parts of the gang. While some more serious clubs would ask for a prank or some other proof, these guys had to take off all of their clothing and form a train through the college dorms, and that’s not something every straight college guy would want to be seen doing!

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Straight college guys getting drunk and sucking cock

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To be able to use the villa of one of the gang members for their college parties, these straight college guys have to go through the hazing, and that’s not easy at all, they have to do all sorts of things before they are given those privileges, and one part of the things they have to do is to get naked and to give head to the senior members. They don’t want to do it, but they do not get accpeted if they don’t, so now we get to see them on their knees giving head.

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Straight college guys having an anal party as hazing ritual

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Nothing is too hardcore for hazing assignments, not even for the straight college guys that just found out that to be accepted into the brotherhood they have to show off their cock sucking skills in front of everybody. Not only that, their asses too get to have some fun before they can be called members of the clan, and all of the senior members get to take their turns on top of these guys, making them into the submissive members

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Straight college guys in ball licking hazing process

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Hazing has always been a custom in the college gangs, but this here is a hazing that not many straight college guys could pass, the gang leader got the guys to get naked and to lick the balls of the older members of the club. Not just a quick lick too, they had to do it like they mean it, and it took them quite some time to get licking and slurping on the dangling man tacle the guys offered them up with.

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