Straight college guys having an anal party as hazing ritual

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Nothing is too hardcore for hazing assignments, not even for the straight college guys that just found out that to be accepted into the brotherhood they have to show off their cock sucking skills in front of everybody. Not only that, their asses too get to have some fun before they can be called members of the clan, and all of the senior members get to take their turns on top of these guys, making them into the submissive members

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Straight college guys in ball licking hazing process

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Hazing has always been a custom in the college gangs, but this here is a hazing that not many straight college guys could pass, the gang leader got the guys to get naked and to lick the balls of the older members of the club. Not just a quick lick too, they had to do it like they mean it, and it took them quite some time to get licking and slurping on the dangling man tacle the guys offered them up with.

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Straight college guys group masturbation hazing games

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It’s been a while since I saw a hazing ritual that included group masturbation, but these guys are taking it one step further, not only do they wank all at the same time, they fap in the faces of their straight college guys that are applying for the membership. I’d never do such a thing, but these guys rarely even flinch as they get bukkaked as a part of their hazing rituals, they take it all with grins on their faces.

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Hazing football team having fun

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Naked hazing is the best type of hazing, and these straight college guys have taken that seriously, they all got out of all of their clothes and are playing a fake game of football with all of their friends. There are lots of stiff cocks here as these guys get to wrestling for the ball, the one that does the best in this naked hazing match gets to join the brotherhood, others have to try again next time the hood is recruiting.

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Straight college guys sucking cocks at hazing party

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There’s nothing innocent about the hazing rituals there straight college guys are passing through, they have to get serious and drop down on their knees to suck cock. Well, no straight guy would do that without some drinks in him, that’s why this big party has been arranged, ton of alcohol to give the guys some backup once they are face to face with cocks they have to please using their lips.

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